Course Duration – 1 Year

The diploma in Patisserie is a full time City and Guilds accredited course which runs over a period of 1 Year. This course will prepare you for an entry level position into a career as a pastry chef. The course covers both classical French training as well as contemporary techniques. It is an intensive programme, both theoretically and practically.

City & Guilds Course Requirements

  • Safety at work
  • Food Safety in Catering
  • Prepare, Cook and Finish Cake, Sponges and Biscuits
  • Prepare, Cook and Finish Pastry Products
  • Prepare, Cook and Finish Dough Products
  • Prepare, Cook and Finish Hot Desserts and Puddings
  • Prepare, Cook and Finish Cold Desserts
  • Pastry Terminology

Additional CAPE Course Requirements

  • Level 1 First Aid

  • City & Guilds Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking
  • City & Guilds Certificate in Food Safety and Catering
  • Level 1 First aid Certificate
  • CAPE Certificate of Completion