Cocktail Menu

Build your own

 Roasted cherry tomato and Parma ham bruschetta  R10.00
 Chicken Satay skewers  R 8.50
 Wonton basket filled with Vietnamese style beef  R 9.50
 Smoked ostrich carpaccio with pineapple salsa on bruschetta  R 9.50
 3 cheese risotto balls with a roasted garlic aioli  R 9.00
 Panko prawn skewer with a sweet chilli aioli  R10.50
 Bruschetta topped with olive tapenade and grilled rump  R10.50
 Bruschetta topped with tzatziki and roasted lamb  R10.50
 Blini topped with herbed cream cheese and smoked salmon  R11.00
 Chicken wing lollipop  R 8.50
 Dukka spiced fish cakes with a curried mayonnaise  R 9.50
 Beef skewer  R10.00
 Beef slider  R10.00
 Herbed falafel with hummus in a pita pocket  R 9.50
 Vegetarian pizza  R 9.50
 Vetkoek and mince  R10.00
 Beef samoosas  R 4.00
 Cheese and corn samoosas  R 3.00
 Chicken and mushroom pie  R 4.00
 Pepper steak pies  R 4.00
 Spring rolls  R 3.50
 Prawn toast with sweet chilli sauce  R 8.00
 Roasted cherry tomato, pesto and goats cheese tarts  R 9.00
 Grilled Halloumi, strawberry and basil skewer with a balsamic reduction  R 8.50
 Melon, Parma ham, Mozzarella and basil skewers with pesto  R 8.50
 Phyllo parcel with brie, fig and pecan nuts  R 8.50
 Phyllo parcel with blue cheese, fig and caramelized onion  R 8.50
 Phyllo parcel with pulled lamb and mint sauce  R9.00
 Bruschetta topped with grilled Beef, caramelized onion and pesto  R10.50
 Vietnamese prawn wrap with sweet chilli sauce  R10.00
 Vegetarian wraps  R 8.00
 Chicken and corn taco  R 8.00
 Mince taco  R 8.50
 Jalapeno poppers  R 8.00

Platter Menu

Each platter serves 10-12

Savoury Platter – R400

Samoosas, Cocktail pies, Sausage rolls, Spring rolls, Mini pizza, Chilli bites

Hot Meat Platter – R400

BBQ Chicken wings, Meat balls, Beef skewers, Chicken skewers, Mini pizza, Potato wedges

Snack Platter – R450

Cocktail pies, Mini veg pizza, Mini beef sliders, Cocktail quiches, Cocktail vetkoek with mince

Sandwich Platter – R450 

Fresh bread with assorted fillings:
Cheese and tomato, Chicken and mayo, assorted cold meats and salads, Egg and chive

Ploughman’s Platter – R450

Biltong and blue cheese pate, Three cheese and herb terrine, Chicken liver pate, Cold meat selection, Red onion marmalade, Grilled eggplant and Marrows, Marinated olives and Crusty bread sticks

Cheese Platter – R450

4 types of cheese, Onion marmalade, Preserves, Grapes, Dried fruit and crackers

Breakfast Platter – R500

Sundried tomato pesto and Pastrami filled mini croissants, assorted mini muffins, fruit skewers, mini quiches, fruit parfait jars, mini Danishes, bacon and egg wraps

Fruit platter  R380

An assortment of seasonal fruit skewers

Sweet Platter  R450

Cocktail: Cheesecakes, Milk tarts, Double chocolate brownies, Eclairs, Lemon Meringue tarts

Please note

Prices subject to selected items and quantities

A maximum of 3 items can be selected per order unless arranged other wise

A minimum of 15 units per item must be purchased for the order to be valid

All items mentioned below are cocktail sizes